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We are a small, light footed organisation with few staff and lots to do!

We want to make the best use of all the volunteer expertise in the movement. If you want to help Civic Voice then let us know at There is plenty going on – from becoming a trustee, managing memberships and organising events and conferences to developing websites and researching new campaigns. You may also have particular expertise – on land use planning, listed buildings, volunteers or fundraising for example - which might help other civic societies or experience to share. If you'd like to volunteer locally, please contact your local group. You can find your local group here.

Civic Voice is a small and light-footed organisation, but we depend on volunteer support to be effective. The following opportunities are just some of them available:

Office support - Volunteers are required to help with general office support including database management and assisting with telephone duties and internet enquiries. We have further opportunities for more specific roles such as fundrasing and helping with publicity. Much of this work can be done at home as well as in Civic Voice's office.

Data inputer - as part of our War Memorials campaign we need someone to input condition surveys on to website. 

Website maintenance – we are keen to improve the quality of information and support available on the website. Do you have ideas? What information should we be signposting on fundraising, volunteering, land use planning and heritage? How can we provide the online support which best meets the need of civic societies? How can the website build a stronger civic network? Can you help manage the site?

Social Media - we are looking for a volunteer who can effectively drive campaigns through social media. We would like someone who knows how to manage a Twitter account, a Hootsuite account and a Vimeo account. We want someone who will be able to engage other organisations, key contacts and MPs with our campaigns.

Press support - we want to be heard on a national and local level. If you think you could help us get our messages out to the public apply for this role now. We need someone who is used to sending out press releases and dealing with media contacts. 

Policy analysis – are you interested in reviewing Government and other policy reports and publications for their implications for the civic movement? 

Research volunteer - we need a volunteer who can research key stats and data for our policy responses. This is a vital role in order for our responses to be as reliable as possible.

Photographs - are you a keen photographer with an eye for a good picture? We need you! Civic Voice is always on the look out for photographs that fit our style and we also need a volunteer to manage the Flickr site.

Contact Ian Harvey on  

If you would like to volunteer locally, please contact your local group. You can find your local group by clicking here

Please note we would need volunteers to guarantee they could work for a minimum of one day a week for 3 months. 

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