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The reasons conservation areas become at risk are difficult to address as they can cover large areas of land, but they can include poorly maintained roads and pavements and street clutter and loss of front garden walls. In addition, conservation areas are not being helped by the continued funding cuts to local authorities across the country who continue to see their resources reduced, and this is making their task more difficult to deliver. We want more residents in conservation areas to play a greater role by nominating high quality developments for Civic Voice Design Awards, helping prepare lists of local historic buildings or doing street clutter audits and to celebrate where they live through National Civic Day.


Some local groups have helped to prepare character appraisals and management plans for conservation areas whilst others have carried out their own assessments to identify management issues. Others undertake audits of the local area. One audit can be a Street Clutter audit or a Garden Check. Street Pride is another part of Civic Voice’s national campaign “The Big Conservation Conversation” supporting local action to help rid conservation areas and other streets of unnecessary clutter. We are gathering evidence to support a national call for action to create more streets we can be proud of. Our evidence will be presented to the government.

At the heart of Civic Voice's Street Pride campaign is a toolkit with information on a street survey which your local group can undertake. Download it here.

Street Pride is focused on the four most widespread sources of street clutter: bollards; signs; posts (including lampposts and traffic lights) and guard rails. Street Pride builds on the excellent initiatives already undertaken by a number of civic societies. By joining the Street Pride campaign your efforts can make a real difference to reducing street clutter locally and by working together we can produce a national picture which will help Civic Voice make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive.

Over 75 local groups such as Leeds Civic Trust are already involved and you can also sign up to Street Pride by sending us your details at  

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