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In 2023, National Civic Day will be held on 24th June, and we will be asking businesses, community groups and civic societies across the country to help use National Civic Day as a focus to celebrate your local high street. We especially support activities in high street-covered conservation areas, but any endeavour that supports the high street is encouraged! 


Our goal is for the country as a whole to unite around the slogan "my high street matters" and take part in regional and national events to recognise how conservation areas have kept many of our towns distinctive and provide a special reason to visit your local high street. Civic Day is a wonderful opportunity for local councils and communities to work with local businesses to bring their historic high streets back to the centre of their neighbourhoods.

We want locals to take pride in their high streets, to spend more time exploring locally owned businesses, and to see more tourists drawn to them. By doing this, we can guarantee the survival of our local shops and high streets.

  • Publish a leaflet on the history of the high street

  • Organise a guided walk with your local MP to talk about the issues

  • Close the road, and organise a street party to celebrate the high street

  • Organise a litter pick and finish it up with a coffee in a local cafe! 

  • Placecheck : ask what do we like? what don’t we like? What can we improve?

  • Hold a Debate – the Big Conservation Conversation: future of historic high street

  • Photograph Competition – why “My Historic High Street  Area Matters”

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