In 2019, National Civic Day will be held on 22nd June 2019 and we will be asking groups across the country to help use National Civic Day as a focus to celebrate 50 years of conservation areas.


We want the nation to come together to say "my conservation area matters" and participate in local and national events to recognise how conservation areas have helped keep many of our towns distinctive.

Just some of the ways your civic society could celebrate 50 years of conservation areas could be: 

  • Publish a leaflet on the history of the area

  • Nominate a new development in a conservation area for a Civic Voice Design Award

  • Organise a guided walk with your local MP

  • Organise a street party to celebrate the conservation

  • Erect a “conservation area plaque/sign”

  • 'Clean your Conservation Area' litter pick

  • Placecheck : ask what do we like? what don’t we like? What can we improve?

  • Hold a Debate – the Big Conservation Conversation: future of conservation areas

  • Photograph Competition – why “My Conservation Area Matters”

  • Create a new groups to champion your local conservation area

And if you so wish, you could organise the above to get involved in National Civic Day event on June 22nd